Short Order Code #006 :: Proof of Concept vs. Prototyping

Content originally published December 22, 2009 for the Short Order Code podcast.

In today’s show I wanted to touch on the concepts of “proof-of-concept” and “prototyping”. These two methodologies for attacking a software project are closely related in many ways, but differ completely in how they can be practically applied to a software development effort.

I’ll highlight a new project I’m working on and how that project inspired me to bring this topic today. I realized something that most people already know… or at least they think they do.

This was the final podcast for Short Order Code. It only lived on a few months, but I enjoyed making it. Ultimately audio was not the format best-suited for my software topics. Shortly after this I became a dad and priorities changed.

I hope you've enjoyed the series. Perhaps one day I'll take to the mic again.

Short Order Code #005 :: Dealing with Code Inheritance

Content originally published November 13, 2009 for the Short Order Code podcast.

This week I’m getting away from tools and plugins to get a bit more into the operational side of software. The topic this week is all about dealing with those inherited hand-me-down projects. I’ll offer some strategies on how to cope with these projects once they land in your lap, and a tiny bit of advice for those of you starting up new projects.

As always your feedback is very much appreciated, you can post it in the comments or follow the show on Twitter.

Short Order Code #004 :: Tooling for success – part 2

Content originally published October 30, 2009 for the Short Order Code podcast.

After several long weeks, and a well deserved vacation Short Order Code is back with the second part of our look at tools to help improve your programming productivity.

This week I’m talking about tools that are a bit more ancillary to the development process, things that help you with the tasks associated with the other parts of software development that take place (for the most part) outside your IDE.

I’m going to try to keep the shows coming as regularly as possible for the next little while so keep your eyes open for the next episode.

Thanks for Listening!

Short Order Code #003 :: Tooling for success – part 1

Content originally published September 11, 2009 for the Short Order Code podcast.

This is part 1 of a two part series on free plugins and addins for Visual Studio. Despite the fact that the Visual Studio IDE is one of the most feature rich out-of-the-box IDEs available there’s never any shortage of what developers wish they could do with their tools. Being developers, we can take care of that problem via the Visual Studio addins framework.

In this episode I’ll provide a brief overview of a few tools. This week’s addins include:

In part two I’ll talk about a few more plugins that you can use to enhance your Visual Studio experience.

Just a heads up, the next couple of shows are likely to be delayed since I’m on vacation. If I get a chance to produce episode 4 before I leave I’ll try to make sure someone puts it up around the right day. Otherwise the next show will be up as soon as possible after we return home.

Thanks for listening!

Short Order Code #002 :: Collecting your inheritance

Content originally published August 27, 2009 for the Short Order Code podcast.

In this episode Keith talks about a bit about object inheritance and provides some practical examples of situations you can use it in your code.

I know it’s something that everyone has talked about in their first-year OOP classes, but it’s surprising how often that knowledge seems to get left there, and not readily adapted to projects in the workplace. I’ll take a quick look at a few places where you can make effective use of inheritance and some real-world examples of how to make this methodology work for you in your apps.

Thanks to those of you who got back to me about some of the technical production on the first show, I’ve ditched the “swoosh” sounds in favour of something a bit more mellow. Enjoy!

Short Order Code #001 :: The source of all control

Content originally published August 13, 2009 for the Short Order Code podcast.

In this, the inaugural episode of Short Order Code Keith dives into a bit of his background, explains what “Short Order Code” really is, and tells you why you need source control for your projects.

Source control certainly isn’t the sexiest topic in software development, but it’s an important fundamental practice. Having a good source control product available to you, and putting in place the pieces you need to make regular and effective use of it are critical to being a productive member of any development organization.

Have a listen to the show, and if you’re so inclined hit one of the subscription links in the sidebar.

WordPress Weekly – Usability with Jane Wells

This past Friday I joined Jeffro for another episode of WordPress Weekly.  This week we had the good fortune to interview Automattic's usability maven Jane Wells.

Jane is one of the minds behind some of the dramatic new changes to the admin interface for WordPress 2.7.  Recently Jane also posted a poll and a survey to garner some feedback on the new WordPress Beta that was released on Halowe'en night.

Give this week's show a listen and check out some of the great answers to the questions that we came up with.