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  • Career Lessons – No Isn’t Bad

    Something that most of us need to do in our careers, particularly if you work on a team or in a larger workplace is to actually work with other people. Sometimes that’s with your immediate peers, and sometimes that can mean reaching out across the organization to get some information or have someone complete a […]

  • WordPress from the Command Line

    I’m going to try to start treating the blog as documentation for myself, and hopefully it will be useful for someone else at some point. So here we go. The Background Having just migrated back to WordPress I’m always looking for ways to make changes or optimizations to the workflow. Given this is for a […]

  • Keyboarding


    Sometimes you get the feeling that something you’re researching is going to turn into a rabbit hole of deep ‘internet research’ and could potentially become the kind of thing that ends up as an all-encompassing hobby. In the past few years I’ve had that experience when I began to dive into the world of fountain […]

  • Iced Coffee Engineering

    Over the past week or so it’s been pretty warm here on the Canadian West Coast. That’s led me to want to drink a lot more iced coffee than usual. The downside of this being, of course, that take-out coffee is way more expensive than at-home coffee. So it was time to find a home-grown […]

  • Using Analogue Tools

    For the last four years I’ve been a fountain pen user, some might even say an enthusiast. I’ve been using very old technology to help me navigate my otherwise very modern and digital world. Why? Because it makes me think… and it’s fun. I never grew up with fountain pens. I understand that there are […]