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Year of Self

Thu, Jan 3, 2019 2-minute read

For the past couple of years I’ve eschewed the practice of the New Year’s Resolution in favour of broader goals or themes for the year. These have been helpful for me in providing an overall direction or guidepost for me as I work to make incremental improvements or changes throughout the year.

Where I’ve been…

The first of these, “Year of Less”, helped me to de-clutter mentally and physically, as well as direct my efforts towards a few specific projects and tasks. This ultimately gave me more focus on those tasks and helped me to find both professional and personal growth.

Most recently 2018 was my “Year of Done.” The overall theme was one of working things through to completion and reducing procrastination. This was all about not putting off the little things, and just getting them to a state of completion. Starting a project is laudable, but finishing it is what actually provides value.

Despite a fairly strong start and good success with this at work, at home I didn’t find as much success as I would have liked. So this will be something I continue to be aware of as I move into 2019 and beyond.

Looking in the Mirror

This coming year I’m aiming for a bit of a personal reboot, something I’m referring to as the “Year of Self.” The last year was extremely challenging on a number of levels and I pushed myself close to burn-out more than once. This has mostly been because I’ve been doing all I can to support friends and family, while taking on new responsibilities at work and going through some challenges in my personal life. I like those things about me though so my focus on myself is to help take care of myself – my physical health, my mental health, my financial health… any of it and all of it.

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