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Analogue Journey Update

Wed, Jun 6, 2018 2-minute read

It has been about a year since I started my analog journey. It’s has had some ups and some downs, but overall the experience has been extremely positive. I stopped bouncing back and forth between task-tracking tools and productivity systems. I tore it all down, I went back to basics, and found simplest way of doing the things that needed to be done. Most importantly I found something that I could sustain over the long haul.

Despite the many hats that I wear, I can really only wear one at a time. The whole point of adopting my simple Journal based task management system was to not lose things. But time marches forward. Unrelenting, it drives us down the long road of progress. And this week, a little over a year into this analogue journey I hit my first major speedbump: there are times when the notebook just isn’t around because it’s not always convenient to carry around a notebook or two and a few pens.

At first it wasn’t a problem, but as time wore on there were too many little hiding places. OneNote, Email, Telegram notes, scraps of paper, and probably a few others that I’m forgetting. There were just too many places for things to go. I needed a simple solution and I needed one fast. There were too many places for things to live, so if I wanted to keep using my paper workflow for the things it was good at there was going to be a bit of rework to digitize the things that needed to be kept long-term.

I’ll spare you the back and forth, the indecisions and the internal machinations. There are now two primary points of capture. One analog, and one digital. Everything starts either in the notebook or in OneNote. Nowhere else.

For analog notes, only the good stuff gets kept. Things I want to keep get transcribed either into a note in OneNote, a document, or the appropriate task list. Otherwise it just sits in the notebook never to be read again.

For digital for digital notes I decide whether or not that note is a value when it’s reviewed. If it’s useful, it gets filed away in the appropriate place, pasted into some document or other or transcribed to the appropriate task list. Otherwise it gets deleted, never to be read again.

And that’s it. Everything is handled. No more scattered information, and no more widely distributed points of capture. Everything in one place, well two places.