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Like a Yoyo

Wed, May 10, 2017 One-minute read

I bought a ticket. The steam liner is in dry dock.

Sometimes you have a good idea. An idea that will, in the long run at least, save you time. That idea makes so much sense you can explain it to other people and they shout “Yes! I get it! You should totally build a steam liner!”

But you shouldn’t.

There are ways to get across the ocean. You can buy a boat. You can build a boat. You can even design your own boat from scratch, smelt all the metal for the hull and concoct a bespoke engine out of recycled lawn mower parts you got for cheap on Craigslist from some guy named Sal who said they fell off the back of a truck.

Or you can buy a ticket, and fly across the ocean. Like a gentleman.

I’ve been back and forth for months. But I think, for now at least, I can put the yo-yo away and actually get some work done.