The Drive to Make a Thing

Yet another Internet nerd jumping on the Minecraft Letsplay bandwagon?

Yes. In a way…

Somewhere, not too deep down I hope, is a content creator who used to actually take pride and find joy in creating content. That seems to have fallen away almost entirely over the last several years. And… I feel the need to justify some of my playing time.

I love the work I do with other people, particularly my production work for Knightwise, but that doesn’t feel like nearly enough.

So with the very recent launch of Minecraft’s new and updated world generation it seemed like as good a time as any to jump in.

Goals (because I’m a list nerd, and I need goals)

  1. Make something
  2. Enjoy my Minecraft time without the guilt
  3. Learn how to work with OBS
  4. Learn how to work with / edit video
  5. Hone my editing chops by working videos down to a manageable size