Grand Plans

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I have a habit of coming up with (grandiose) ideas for things I want to do. Be they small things or large things, or amorphous life goals, I talk a lot and tend to be rather stingy on the follow through. Sometimes these goals are stopped by other projects, sometimes they're stopped by my "better judgement" when I talk myself out of them, sometimes is exhaustion, sometimes it's pure laziness. Whatever the reason or excuse I don't do nearly as much doing as I feel that I should, or that I want to.

Tonight I was mulling these things over as I proceeded about my cleaning and folding of laundry and had a minor brainwave about a couple of the projects that seem, on the surface, to be complementary but were leaving me in a loop of "I want to do x, but I really should do y first. But y is hard and will take a long time, I can't take that on right now."

So I'm not going to do y — probably ever — and I'm ok with that. I can move on with x, and if I break x up into reasonable size pieces, I might be able to do some other things in between those pieces.

I've started on piece #1, and really don't want to stop. It pays to know my own tendencies and make the decisions that can capitalize on some and minimize the effect of others.