Short Order Code #006 :: Proof of Concept vs. Prototyping

**_Content originally published December 22, 2009 for the_** **Short Order Code** **_podcast._**

In today’s show I wanted to touch on the concepts of “proof-of-concept” and “prototyping”. These two methodologies for attacking a software project are closely related in many ways, but differ completely in how they can be practically applied to a software development effort.

I’ll highlight a new project I’m working on and how that project inspired me to bring this topic today. I realized something that most people already know… or at least they think they do.

**_This was the final podcast for Short Order Code. It only lived on a few months, but I enjoyed making it. Ultimately audio was not the format best-suited for my software topics. Shortly after this I became a dad and priorities changed._**

**_I hope you’ve enjoyed the series. Perhaps one day I’ll take to the mic again._**