Short Order Code #004 :: Tooling for success – part 2

**_Content originally published October 30, 2009 for the_** **Short Order Code** **_podcast._**

After several long weeks, and a well deserved vacation Short Order Code is back with the second part of our look at tools to help improve your programming productivity.

This week I’m talking about tools that are a bit more ancillary to the development process, things that help you with the tasks associated with the other parts of software development that take place (for the most part) outside your IDE.

* Unit testing tools – [nUnit](, [jUnit](, [mbUnit](
* In-IDE Version Control – [AnkhSVN](
* Browser-based Debugging – [Firebug](
* Disassemble DLLs – [Reflector](, [addins](
* Paste Code Wisely – [SmartPaster](—StringBuilder-and-Better-C_2300_-Handling.aspx)
* Paint and Pictures – [Paint.NET](

I’m going to try to keep the shows coming as regularly as possible for the next little while so keep your eyes open for the next episode.

Thanks for Listening!