Short Order Code #003 :: Tooling for success – part 1

**_Content originally published September 11, 2009 for the_** **Short Order Code** **_podcast._**

This is part 1 of a two part series on free plugins and addins for Visual Studio. Despite the fact that the Visual Studio IDE is one of the most feature rich out-of-the-box IDEs available there’s never any shortage of what developers wish they could do with their tools. Being developers, we can take care of that problem via the Visual Studio addins framework.

In this episode I’ll provide a brief overview of a few tools. This week’s addins include:

* [CopySourceAsHtml]( by Colin Coller (JT Leigh)
* [devMetrics]( by the folks at Anticipating Minds
* [CodeKeep]( by Dave Donaldson (ArcWare)
* [VSGesture]( by Um Junil (Umc.Core)

In part two I’ll talk about a few more plugins that you can use to enhance your Visual Studio experience.

Just a heads up, the next couple of shows are likely to be delayed since I’m on vacation. If I get a chance to produce episode 4 before I leave I’ll try to make sure someone puts it up around the right day. Otherwise the next show will be up as soon as possible after we return home.

Thanks for listening!