Home Server Build part 5 – DNS Basics (Ubuntu School)

Once the server has been configured one major "infrastructure" task remains - setting up DNS. This is where those clever names you thought up back in [the "prerequisites" stage](http://kdmurray.net/2012/06/23/home-server-build-part-3-os-installation-ubuntu-school/) come into play. Strictly speaking DNS isn't required for everything else to work properly, but it's one of those things that makes the overall solution that much more elegant. When you're connecting to various components in your network it's so much nicer to refer to them by name rather than simply by IP address. A key piece of information you'll want to keep close at hand is the Webmin [BIND module](http://doxfer.webmin.com/Webmin/BINDDNSServer) documentation. This provides an easy-to-understand guide to managing DNS using [BIND](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BIND) and Webmin. It was key to me being able to complete this tutorial. ### Create the Domain's Master Record…
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