XKPasswd – Generate Secure, Memorable Passwords

On the heels of [Steve Gibson](http://grc.com "GRC - Gibson Research Corporation")'s [Password Haystacks website](https://www.grc.com/haystack.htm "Password Haystacks - GRC"), which demonstrated how long memorable passwords can be far more secure than randomly generated characters simply by virtue of being longer, [Bart Busschots](http://bartb.ie "Bart Busschots") has created a new password generation tool called [XKPassword](http://xkpasswd.net/ "xkpasswd - Secure Memorable Password generator"). The idea of the generator is along the same lines of the original generator posted on the GRC website, but has been done as an implementation example of Bart's perl library xkpasswd -- the "xk" being a reference to [the xkcd comic which discussed the same subject](http://xkcd.com/936/ "xkcd web comic #936 - Password Strength") around the same time as the Security Now episode [talking about password haystacks](http://twit.tv/sn303 "Security Now #303 - Password…
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