Command Line 101 – Windows: Backup, Remote Desktop and More

I've been working on some things for work recently which have me deeply buried in the Windows command line again, both writing applications and scripting/automating actions against various systems on our network. **Backup your Files to a Remote Computer** One of the things we all need to do is keep backups of our data.  It's easy enough to re-install your OS and all your apps, but if your system dies and you lose your data, the results can be heartbreaking to say the least.  So be proactive and schedule yourself a backup using xcopy. **xcopy "c:documents and settings<username>My Documents" "f:<username>" /C /D /E /H /Y** So lets examine what this does.  Normally the copy command can only copy single files, and doesn't handle large file structures very gracefully. This is…
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