No More Ads!

Until such time as I can find a viable (read: worthwhile) ad service to help offset the costs of the blog, I will no longer be subjecting readers to ads on the blog.

After nearly 9 months of Google Adsense, I’ve managed $3.56.  Since Google requires $100 in your account before they will pay out, I’m on schedule to be paid out in Late 2028.  A bit too late to cover costs of blogging (though it would make a nice almost 50th birthday present.  :razz: )

The Amazon and TTZMedia affiliate programs have also had similar results with a payout from TTZ media due sometime in 2048… and that’s only a $25 payout.

In short, I don’t get enough traffic, and my readers on average aren’t the type to click on enough ads (hell most use Firefox and AdBlock Plus!) to provide an income stream.

An added bonus: the site loads faster now!  :mrgreen: