Dave Brubeck, Take Five

Thank you Wil Wheaton.

For several years now I've wondered what the name of this song is.  It's been used in countless soundtracks, commercials, movies, well the list goes on.  And I've never been able to find anyone who knows who wrote it, performed it or what the name of it was... until now.

I found this post through my RSS reader tonight (I'm a bit behind on some of my blog reading....).  As I was catching up on the latest from "wwdn: in exile" I found a post entitled joe morello  is a god.


Now I know that the song is called Take Five, from an album called Time Out. The YouTube clip pictured above is the Dave Brubeck Quartet from 1961.  I was trying to find different clip from the one Wil already posted, but it really does appear to have the best audio of all the original Dave Brubeck clips.

Sun Acquires MySQL

Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz announced yesterday that they have acquired the Open-Source database platform MySQL. This is a huge purchase and one of the largest acquisitions of an Open Source entity that we've ever seen.

The goal, says Schwartz, is to put a Fortune 500 vendor behind the innovative technology powering many next generation web-based services. To accomplish that goal Sun is "putting a billion dollars behind the M in LAMP" (and MAMP, WAMP, and of course Sun's own SAMP...).

Support of open source projects is nothing new for Sun. They have been a positive force behind several other projects in the past including Java, ZFS, NetBeans and OpenOffice.org. This bodes very well for the future of MySQL and companies offering other higher-priced options for production databases will be watching very closely to see what edge this provides in the Enterprise space.

With the acquisition Sun picks up "clients" who may not be using Solaris, or even Java in their implementation but are major players in the Web 2.0 market. These include Google, Facebook, Nokia and WordPress. Kudos to Sun for putting some more muscle behind the Open Source movement, and here's hoping some more major corporations will now be willing to take a "leap of faith" and make more use of a proven and effective open-source technology.

SimCity Source Code Released Under GPL

Bil Simser has posted an article on his blog about the release of the source code for the original SimCity under the GPL. The GPL'd version has been renamed under the original working title Micropolis to protect the trademarks of Electronic Arts who currently own the intellectual property for the Sim* franchise. If the original title had stuck I wonder what they'd call The Sims these days....

The source code for Micropolis has been published on author Don Hopkins' website. He has also included a bit of history about this branch of the SimCity project including some technical detail behind this iteration of the code.  The GPL version has also been ported to the version of Fedora Linux being run on the OLPC.  A great way to spread this brilliant game to those who are just getting a computer for the first time.

I love the fact that older software continues to be released to the public domain. I'd love to find a copy of Wing Commander... If there's anyone out there from Origin (or EA) can we see a GPL'd version of WC1 so that we can play it on our Macs!!