MacBook: Day 1

Well the beast finally arrived! I’d like to think it was my scathing review of Apple’s customer service from earlier this month, but I highly doubt that Steve Jobs is an avid reader.

Well having had the chance to play with this new machine for only a couple of hours, I have to say I’m very impressed so far. The only practical applications I’ve put it to the test with so far are sending a few emails, taking some notes (questions about the MacBook), and writing up this post. The overall Mac experience has been very good, there certainly has been a great deal of care and attention put into “the little things”.

However there are a couple of pet peeves I have so far….

1. Maximizing Windows is hard to do. I realize that this may seem like a silly concept for some in today’s open-a-million-windows-at-once world, but I like to have my current activity fill my screen. I’ve had some difficulty figuring out how to do this with my new Mac.
2. Tabbing in windows. This may again just be a Windows-ism, but when I’m on a form, or in a window and I’ve finished typing, I want to be able to push tab and move to the next field, including any buttons. However the Mac OS X software only seems to want to send me to the next text field… manageable, but annoying.

I’ll continue posting more about the MacBook in the weeks ahead, as I uncover interesting details, or annoying bugs. Stay tuned!