AntiVirus software lacking effectiveness

At the recent [AusCERT 2006 Conference](, a survey was published by Graham Ingram general manager of the [Australian Computer Emergency Response Team]( (AusCERT) which discussed the effectiveness of several leading anti-virus products.  The survey states that an average of 8 in 10 threats are getting through the protection that these products provide. Some research done by ZDNet Australia's Munir Kotadia in a [series of articles](,2000061744,39263949,00.htm) notes that the three top products (by market share) in 2005 were Symantec's Norton Antivirus, Mcafee Virusscan and Trend Micro VirusDefense.  If the survey results are accurate, or even partially accurate, that could mean that running even two of these security defense products at once may only provide a 20%-40% protection.  Not exactly a comforting thought. So where does this leave us?  Do we need to install…
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