Charity begins at Start

This past week, [Fortune magazine]( ran a story on [Warren Buffet’s recent decision]( to give away 85% of his net worth.  The vast majority (83%) of this donation will be given to the [Bill and Melinda Gates foundation]( to assist with their continuing work fighting HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis worldwide.

The donation itself is tied to shares in [Berkshire Hathaway](, Buffet’s main umbrella corporation for everything from Dairy Queen to Fruit of the Loom.  Every year the charitable organization will receive a portion of shares in BH.  The contribution for 2006 amounts to more than $1.5 Billion USD.

This story is proof in and of itself that absolute power need not corrupt absolutely.  Between Gates and Buffett, the Gates’ foundation has been pledged more than $60 Billion USD over the coming years.  Its just too bad that stories like this one don’t get a bit more press.

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